I had the pleasure to look through the NIV First-Century Study Bible recently and wow! Let’s just say it’s jam pack with a bunch of features that would help anyone with their study of the Word. First of all, as the name implies, the aim is to bring you to the culture and context of the time the Bible was written. I’ll be showing you some of the great features of the NIV First-Century Study Bible so you can see if it’s right for you.

First of all, isn’t this faux leather cover with the leather tie beautiful? This is one cover style in brown Leathersoft, then there is also the Hardcover edition, and Black/Charcoal DuoTone look. But I personally think this brown Leathersoft version is the loveliest with its old-world feel. And I think that’s what the creator of the NIV First-Century Study Bible had in mind- creating a Bible that looks and feels like a first-century book.

The NIV First-Century Study Bible has these beautiful intros for each book of the Bible complete with a picture that brings you into the feel of the time it was written as well as an in-depth look at each book of the Bible. I’m just going to tell you right off, I own a bunch of Bibles, but none of them have intros to each book of the Bible that are as in-depth as these!

There’s also sidebars like these throughout that help you better understand the text.

It also has a nifty word study that gives you context about the origins of important words throughout Scripture.

This Bible is chalf full of special features.

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The Day in the Life Articles describes daily life in Bible times.

Relevant maps are sprinkled throughout the Bible to lend geographical perspective as you read the text.

The back of the Bible also includes a decent concordance. I also want to mention that if you notice, the pages have an ombre brown look that mimics the aesthetics of ancient scrolls.

I try to let me readers in on deals for the resources on this blog. So I want to mention that as of this writing, Christian Book is offering the  NIV First-Century Study Bible, Brown in this old-world LeatherSoft edition for only $19.49!

Overall impression of the NIV First-Century Bible

The NIV First-Century Study Bible is filled with more special features than I’m used to. And I’m used to A LOT of study Bibles as you can see from here, here, here, and here.  I can picture this Bible as a great tool for Bible study leaders to share insights to help group members engage better with the reading of the Word as well as for personal quiet time use.

Not only does this Bible have great special features that help you understand the cultural backdrop of the time which helps you with understanding the Word more vibrantly, but it also has the look of an old-world manuscript which makes you feel like you are transported back in time to the first century.

Overall, I give the NIV First-Century Study Bible a five out of five-star rating and recommend it to anyone serious about growing deeper in the Word by understanding the culture and context in the time the Bible was written.

Hope is always an option, 

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