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You’ve been there. Glaring at the Christian section at Barnes and Noble, overwhelmed by the choices in front of you. All you’re looking for are good books for women who want to grow in their faith. This is a good list of basic books for women who want to grow in their faith, but in no way is it complete. I know there’s plenty of others who would have been great mentions for this list, so if you have one in mind, feel free to add it to the comments section because I may revisit this topic again with a part two. 

Here are the 10 Books for Women Who Want to Grow in Their Faith:

1. Counterfeit Gods  is a book by Timothy Keller that will challenge you to uncover the idols you’ve placed before the one true God in your life. While a convicting read, it also provides wonderful nuggets of wisdom on relevant cultural factoids, and encouragement to place the God of the Bible as the only true God in your life. 


2. If you want your women’s Bible Studies to grow deeper, but don’t know how or why it’s lacking, this is a great short, but practical guide that’s specifically targeted to women. In it, you’ll explore the great need for Christian Apologetics (a defense of the faith) in women’s ministry with the book, Defending the Faith


3.  I think we can all say our life has been interrupted at some point. An unexpected pregnancy, major health issues, being dumped by a loved one, losing a job or the purpose you thought your life would have…this list could trail on with the oh so many surprising climatic scenarios our lives hold! Priscilla Shirer takes us through the book of Jonah and the very real life implications that this cautionary tale has for our lives in this book.


4. I can’t have a list of books for women who want to grow in their faith without including a wonderfully resourceful Bible If you’re looking for a useful study Bible that provides solid commentary, a look into Hebrew and Greek words, and colorful illustrations this is the perfect pick. I can‘t tell you how many people we’ve either convinced them to get this Bible or nabbed it as a gift for them. 


5. You know those times when you know you need to pray, but you don’t know where to start? Fervent is a great resource that will build some strength to your weak prayers. I love how the back has cards of prayer prompts to write your own prayers. We have ours thumb-tacked to our wall for easy remembrance. But if you have a prayer closet, even better!



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Books for women who want to grow in their faith. / Bible Resource / Christianity / Bible / Tim Keller / Francine Rivers / Esther Fleece / C.S. Lewis / Mere Christianity / CSB / Systematic Theology / Priscilla Shirer / Fervent / Nancy Pearcey / Finding Truth / Total Truth

6. Even though this is a book decades old, it still holds timeless relevance for today. If you’ve heard a bunch of hype about this book, it’s for good reason. I don’t know if you can even have a list about books for women who want to grow in their faith without including a work by C.S. Lewis. Why?

This book is an amazing primer for Christians to know the essentials of the faith when so many things can get murky in non-essentials: the age of the earth, Arminianism versus Calvinism and the like. Since this book was originally aired as a radio broadcast, we love listening to the audio version, pretending as if we’re listening to C.S. Lewis himself live. The print version is only $6.99 right now which is almost half off of its original price. 

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7. Esther Fleece tackles a much neglected area of faith in her aptly titled book, No More Faking Fine: Ending the Pretending– the need for lament. It can be tempting as a Christian to paste a smile on our face and fake a facade of glee when a trial occurs, but Esther Fleece challenges us to look at scripture for healthier coping mechanisms. 


8. If you want even more doctrinal insights, Systematic Theology is an amazing resource, listing almost every doctrine you could think of with its explanations and even some counter-arguments. As a heads up, it’s not a book you’re going to read in one sitting. We’ve been going through it several years now, opening to a particular doctrine of interest, then reading it out loud, and taking the time to discuss the points. Such mind-boggling topics like where did the soul come from? Are discussed with insightful knowledge. 

9. Yes, this series is fictional but oh my, is it ever relevant to our lives! Francine Rivers has said that she begins every one of her books with a question in mind. The question she wrote prior to this book centered around how could she share her faith with her non-believing family. We are then partakers on her existential journey of faith that is richly woven with exquisite historical detail centering around the first century AD, with raw human emotions, and a greater urgency to grow our faith.

10. If you’re new to Christian Apologetics (a defense of our faith) or philosophy, this a perfect place to begin. Finding Truth’s central objective is to show the reality of the Romans 1:25 verse: “[They] exchanged the truth of God into falsehood, and reverenced and served the created thing beyond the One having created it.” Nancy Pearcey tackles why Christianity fits within reality and how other belief systems need to actually borrow from Christianity to withstand their reasoning. After you’re finished reading this book, reading Total Truth and Saving Leonardo (a personal story related to this book is mentioned here) would be a must. 

I know I’ve most likely left out some amazing reads on this list of books for women who want to grow in their faith, so let us know what you think should have made the list.

Many Blessings,


I wanted to let you guys know for transparency purposes that I once had Joshua Harris’ book, Dug Down Deep: Building Your Life on Truths That Last on this list because it was oh-so-wonderful at breaking down tough-to-comprehend concepts in orthodoxy. But given Joshua Harris’ very public deconversion, I’ve pulled his book from the list and replaced it with Esther Fleece’s book, No More Faking Fine: Ending the Pretending.  I didn’t feel comfortable having his book on the official list because well, this is a list for Christians by Christian authors! Thanks in advance for understanding, my fellow faith-based book lovin’ women.