The Maxwell Leadership Bible is all about encouraging you to be a better leader by infusing you with Biblically based principles on the subject of leadership.


And who better to learn leadership from than John Maxwell himself?


This Bible is filled with so many helpful articles and sidenotes throughout that it’s almost overwhelming to know where to start- which is a good thing!


Throughout the text is a profile in leadership which highlights a notable leader in the Bible, detailing more for us the reader, a layout at the beginning of each book of the Bible outlining key leadership principles for that particular¬†book, and other key leadership principles throughout the text like the “partnerships allow leaders to achieve far more” as pictured below.


Overall, the Maxwell Leadership Bible had more features than I expected. I think this would make a wonderful study Bible if you are interested in leadership principles as well as a great gift to give a loved one.


In particular, I think this is a great Bible for a wife to give to her husband to encourage his leadership potential. With that said, my husband is the main one out of the two of us who is using this Bible, and so far, he has found it to be resourceful.

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