As you’ve stumbled upon this page, you may be wondering what Inkblots of Hope is and what our message entails. Hope is central to the message here at Inkblots. Not blind optimism. We hold to the motto:

“realism without idealism is despair and idealism without realism is naiveté.”

Which is why we were once called Inkblots of an Idealist. So as you browse around this blog, you’ll notice some photos that still hold our old namesake. We couldn’t possibly redo every single photo, BUT we did keep the same logo design on our current pictures to save from the confusion. 

Why did we change the name?

1.We have been asked multiple times and from the same people the question, “Wait, what was the name of your blog again?” Their reasoning for re-asking: “it’s  a tricky title to remember.” This would be fine if it were just one or two people. We would have written it off as mere forgetfulness. But this was not a few people, it was most of the people we encountered. 

2. We were also asked countless times what “Inkblots of an Idealist” meant. Even though we love to launch into the vision by describing the heart of the meaning, we even more so wanted people to get what the title meant without a lengthy explanation. 

3.After looking into our analytics, we were getting more keyword searches on “idealist” with those same people searching out the much loved Myer’s Brigg testing and even the more obscure philosophical idealism. We wanted to do these searchers a favor by removing idealist from our name and making it more known for those doing a simple google search what we were all about from omitting one word from the URL and replacing it with the word hope.” 

So, what are we about?

For so many of us, we can fall into the notion of painting a world of despair before our eyes in which we believe nothing will ever be better. I think if most of us are honest, we would default to this way of thinking.

We see hopelessness void of hope.

We see the disaster that could never touch God’s ideals.

Why would God meet us here, in a place which is evil?

We forget that God is still at work and that we can be instruments of His good work.

God is still here as the author of our lives to work through all of our humble inkblots of a mess. God is stronger than our messes in that he can produce good even in the fallen nature of our world and even in the messes we deem regrettable. Grace and hope are available through Christ’s redemption.