The Women of Duck Commander (1)


The men of Duck Dynasty made a statement with their rugged beards and unabashed beliefs. Their burly, Jesus lovin’ personas are almost reminiscent of John the Baptist who ate locusts and  lived as a wild man from the woods, all the while preparing the way for the Savior. Okay, so they traded in the locusts for squirrel brain. Moving on.

We know their grizzly beards have even become a fashion statement, launching a surprising vogue- much to the acclaim of men and much to the dismay of the ladies.

Good ol’ Burt from the billion dollar corporation known as Burt’s Bee’s would be thrilled of its resurgence.

So we know about the men. Duck Dynasty fans can provide a brief character synopsis of each off their tongues. But what about the stylishly dressed dolls on their arms that appear to clash with their camo? We may see a brief “talking head” of the wives on the show, but we haven’t been able to truly tap into their head- until now.

Answers to those questions brewing in the heads of many are finally sufficed.

Are these women gold-diggers?

Surely fashion plates like themselves would only be with these men for their money. I mean, eating bullfrogs would totally smudge their makeup just purchased from Sephora, right? This just doesn’t jive.

How did these women meet their husband anyway?

Is it really love?

The Meat of the Story…’Cause Meat is a Must in Any Duck Dynasty Book

Much of the book chronicles past memories, the trials of newlywed years and the shift that came into the women’s lives as Duck Commander took flight with its successful sales.

I was surprised by the vulnerabilities of each woman. Through the pages, we truly tap into the heart of each woman. I was expecting the superficial surface stories of similar books, but this one shined sheer genuineness.

Each of their love stories with their Robertson man comes into view, along with some very personal struggles: the torment of childhood sexual abuse, marital affairs, dismal financial woes, among others. Miss Kay mentions, I learned the hard way how long a happy ending can take and how difficult it can be.” 

Thankfully the sharing of their struggles was not accomplished by the usual salacious “airing of dirty laundry” manner. You can tell each woman wanted to share their intimate struggles to help the hearts of the hurting. 


Jep’s wife, Jessica writes, “The more we have, the more we can share, and that’s what we are determined to do.” 

Even though some of the women would more likely be seen shopping at Macy’s than at Bass Pro, we find that these women are truly down-to-earth individuals who desire to impact the world. 

It would surprise most of us to realize that these women fell in love with their Robertson man when he was, dimple grinning, preppy, and poor. When Korie was just in elementary school she sweetly details a crush that would become her husband in her diary. “I met a boy at summer camp and he was so cute. He asked me on a moonlight walk, and I said yes!” The stories continue with more endearing memories put to the page.


My Take Away:

It’s good to balance our bookshelves with heavier reads and light reads. This one would be categorized as a light read, but it would also be on my re-readable shelf.

I was truly surprised by how much I liked this book: the honesty endears you to the women, the re-telling of stories enthralls as you remember your own stories (romances included), and the subtle nuggets of wisdom embed

themselves in you.

It was unique to see each section contain the point of view from each lady. For example, there’s one chapter that talks about what is like to have Miss Kay for a mother-in-law. Each woman has the moment to express their deepest feelings of being the daughter-in-law of Kay- past and present. Each section subsequently follows in this fashion with shifting POV’s.

At the end of the book, you find yourselves vying for a family like theirs…sans the eating of squirrel brain of course. Miss Kay, can you cook gluten-free, refined sugar-free, kosher meals, puh-lease!? Then adopt me pronto.

This will be a good story for any Duck Dynasty fan, lover of memoirs or anyone who simply wants to pretend to be a southern yuppie turned partial redneck for 256 pages.

This was written in 2014 when we were shy of the one year mark of our first anniversary. I realized a pattern with my book choices and reviews: they were mainly centered around marriage: Joni and Ken an Untold Love Story and Christy & Todd The Married Years: Forever with You are prime examples. My subconscious choices made for great reads as they all held another similar thread: hardships in marriage while still proving to be a page turner. This one is no exception. 




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The Women Of Duck Commander is written by: Kay Robertson, Korie Robertson, Missy Robertson, Jessica Robertson, Lisa Robertson, and Beth Clark