Have you ever seen those gorgeous photos of hand-painted Bibles? The ones with perfect calligraphy and arrayed with floral designs on its Bible cover? If you haven’t stayed up to date with this trend, go check out Google images for yourself and type in “hand painted Bible covers.”

Are you back? The hand-painted Bible trend is pretty swoon-worthy, right?

Well, Harper Collins/Zondervan decided to release their own version of a hand-painted Bible. It’s not directly hand-painted. Meaning, an artist did not paint each Bible cover, but rather, the artist hand-painted the original design which was reproduced. This makes the product more affordable and well, more accessible to the public.

So continue scrolling for more to see more photos of this lovely NIV Artisan Collection Bible.

I’m showing you an up-close feature of two of the NIV Artisan Collection Bible’s greatest features: it’s beautiful cover with the verse, “God is within her she will not fall” as well as its generous section for note-taking that’s included in the text throughout.

Keep in mind that there are a total of four different cover designs with four different verses.



There’s this one (the pink floral design), the Navy Floral Design (also pictured in this post), which has the verse, “I am doing a new thing, the Teal Floral Design which has the verse, “I will sing to the Lord,” and the Pink Daisies Design which includes the verse, “Do everything in love.” (The pink daisies design is marketed towards young girls.)

This is another really unique feature of the NIV Artisan Collection Bible. Gorgeous gilded pages with an etched in floral design. The navy version has a unique hexagonal pattern etched into the pages.

The navy floral edition has beautiful binding with the words “Holy Bible” artistically printed on its side.

The text is considered “comfort print typeface” which means it’s easier to read at a manageable 9.9 font size. You can also see here another look at the generous margins available for note-taking.

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Overall, the  NIV Artisan Collection Bible is a beautiful way to display the living Word of God. If you’ve ever been interested in getting a hand-painted Bible, I would seriously urge you to look at the NIV Artisan Collection Bible as an affordable yet beautiful option.

Hope is always an option,

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I generously received a free product from Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and photos are my own. Please do not replicate without permission.