I was talking with someone on the phone a couple years back about the feeling of purposelessness that’s linked with chronic illness. They too, had a health condition that greatly restricted their livelihood, yet I couldn’t help but hear a positive lilt to their voice which could have only been present from their purposeful stance. I remember at the time my voice was strained to a whisper because of my thyroid condition. It was difficult to speak, but I pressed further. Why was this person so upbeat in spite of their own severely restrictive health issues? 

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There was almost a smile of radiance in his voice. Even if there is nothing we can do at all, we can pray. Even if we are confined to the bed and cannot move, we have the ear of the Most High God. No one has time to pray like the sick do. With the sick, it becomes their full-time job, if they accept the position. Did you know there was a famous missionary that gave credit to his sister for the reach of his missions?”

My voice was still a hoarse whisper, but I was able to manage to ask one of the half dozen questions that a journalist should ask. “Why?”

“Ah, because she was so sick, she wasn’t able to do much in life, but she could pray for her brother like it was her job.” 


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“Ah, because she was so sick, she wasn’t able to do much in life, but she could pray for her brother like it was her job.” Your definition of success may be different than Jesus.'

This conversation still echoes in my mind as I think of the life of Christ. Unlike the frail woman in bed, Jesus was traveling from town to town to heal the sick and minister to the poor in spirit. But from outward appearance, Jesus’ three short years of ministry would seem like they would disappear into oblivion just as the ill woman’s name is mostly forgotten. And yet Jesus is still remembered, so much so, that when Larry King was asked if he could pick one person from history to interview, he answered with, “Jesus Christ.” 

I feel very behind with my life at the moment- certainly nowhere near where I projected myself to be years ago. And yet, I cannot help but think on the seemingly obscure Nazarene from Nowheresville who had so little, yet gave so much.

Maybe just maybe, you, my dearheart, can know yourself that no matter how insignificant your life may seem, you hold value. You do not have to look to the left or the right of yourself to see what someone else is producing or has procured, you hold worth. God sees where you are at in this very moment and desires you to do only what you are able. You’re on a different assignment than your neighbor, but nonetheless special. 

May we all remember that Jesus redefined success.
“He never held office.

He never had a family or owned a house.

He never traveled two hundred miles from the place He was born. 

He did none of these things we associate with greatness.” (Soren Kierkegaard)

Yet, He was great. May we be infused by God’s Spirit to walk in His greatness, charging ahead towards the mission He has in store for us.

Many Blessings,

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