Chuck Norris’ autobiography, Against All Odds was so epic, that it wrote itself. That is the line most of us in the Chuck Norris Legendary-Fandom world would have used to describe this personal memoir of Chuck Norris.’ If you’re unfamiliar with this line of joking, essentially it’s been a fad lasting over a decade, describing  feats so extraordinary that  they dismiss reality by proclaiming  this very real man as a legendary figure. Norris describes in his book how he was initially  frustrated by these jokes and didn’t appreciate them. But in time, he took it in good-natured stride.

I still remember watching Way of the Dragon in my teen years, starring my all time favorite martial artist, Bruce Lee. It was this film that introduced me to Chuck Norris with their legendary fight that’s still a hit on youtube. Chuck Norris’ character played the villain while Bruce Lee played the good guy. In the movie, Bruce Lee defeated Chuck Norris, and so my hero won.  

At that time I didn’t know as much about Chuck Norris outside of the Bruce Lee movie nor did I know that Bruce and Chuck were friends off the set. All I knew was that Chuck was the villain and had crazy chest hair that Bruce very memorably had to blow off of his hand in the fight scene. 😎 


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The book Against All Odds by Chuck Norris gives you a deeper look into the man behind the legend in a refreshingly authentic and vulnerable manner. Chuck doesn’t shy away from his mistakes (a lot of which I didn’t know about). You will find out Chuck’s real name and also how he came about his nickname.

You will go through the journey of his hardships from childhood and up and how he endured and overcame obstacles such as a deep-seated father wound.chuck-norris

You will find out how Bruce Lee and he met and became friends.

You will learn about his martial arts career and how it launched him into the acting world.

You will read insights into how he uses his platform for the greater good.

Although there are some funny jokes about Chuck Norris placing him in the legendary category, Chuck as you will find out from his story, is a legend in a different and more important way. Chuck is a legend because he will be remembered for who he is and what he has done. He will be remembered as a man of humility which is a direct product of his faith in Christ.

I came away from this book appreciating Chuck Norris the man-skeletons and all-and believing that the same Author of life who helped Chuck through life Against All Odds is the same Author who can help us through life Against All Odds Against All Odds.





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