September 23rd. It’s just a day on the calendar to most, and quite honestly, it could have been for us as well. I mean, it’s not our wedding anniversary. 

It was the day we met five years ago, and we decided to make it special by celebrating the day and renewing the experience.

Renewals bring to the mind a re-marriage ceremony of two people who conflicted in their marriage and are renewing their vows.

While we completely applaud couples who reconcile through renewals, we think you can have one whether you’ve had a major marital tension or not. 

In fact, we’ve had them for years now.

When we have renewals, we’re reliving a monumental time again as if it’s a first.

Like those five years ago when we met on September 23rd…


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He hopped out of the car, took one look at me and nervously slicked back his hair with open palm. Fidgety would be describing his behavior mildly. This extremely talkative guy lost all conversational ability as I filled in the blank spaces and he tried to remember where a bookstore was located that was oh, only five minutes away- not to mention one he had only been frequenting for the past seven or so years. He regained his bearings and found the bookstore…as well as his voice. We talked for a half dozen hours, yet it didn’t seem long enough. So we proceeded to my house once the lights to Barnes and Noble dimmed signaling its closing. 


I could tell you more inconsequential details like what we were both wearing or that when Michael came to my house, he filled his plate so full that it look like a topographical map- seriously, there were mountains and valleys of potatoes and meats, and streams of gravy on his dish. Why do I remember this day so vividly? Because we’ve had renewals for years now, re-living that one moment every Septemeber 23rd in celebration of the day God brought us together. You can read how we met more in detail here. 

So, What Even Happens When You Have Renewals?Remembering the past by celebrating your memories.

1.You’re transported back in time remembering why you fell in love with the person who places that gold band on your left hand. We can be so overwhelmed with monotonous, daily activities that marriage itself can be shuffled between the hum-drum chores of life. Renewals, in essence, cause you to slow down and remember when time seemed to stand still.

2. It enhances your memory of those initial moments. There’s a reason why we don’t always remember what we ate last Friday for dinner, A meal of lasagna doesn’t hold much significance. That meal you ate isn’t retained in your memory bank as important, thus, you lose it. Of course, there are memories you do not want to forget, like the moments when you first met. Reliving them will reinforce the memories your mind.

3. You remember who you once were. It’s a fact none of us like to admit to, but most of us can concede it as truth- we put our best foot forward when we first fall in love. Our houses, apartments, and dorms were much neater to impress our then boyfriend/girlfriend and our inner lives were most likely much neater as well. Maybe we shouldn’t forget the person we were that went to such great lengths to place a smile on our loved one’s faces. 


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed that’s so dismally missing, it’s our lack of celebration. If holidays are meant to celebrate pieces of the past, why not celebrate the day we all first met? Pull out the old photos, the aged journal entries where you used to gush about your last crush turned spouse, and maybe make something special for dinner as you remember the moments that led up to the pivotal proclamation of Mr. and Mrs. 


I hope you remember your own and celebrate renewals like you never have before, dearheart.

Many Blessings, 

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