Restoration. There’s something about that word that I absolutely love. It brings to mind a renewal of all things good. And ultimately, complete restoration makes me think of the new heaven and new earth God has prepared for those who put their trust in Him. So when I spotted this devotional, Restoration Year by John Eldredge, I knew I had to get my hands on it.


I’ll give you a really quick look at the devotional, Restoration Year:

RESTORATION YEAR PROS:It’s one of the loveliest looking devotionals on the market. It has a hard back covering with a beautiful nature design, ribbon bookmark so you can easily find where you last left off, and glossy pages with the same lovely design echoed from the front cover design. -The devotional entries are basic but relevant to everyday life. RESTORATION YEAR CONS: -Some may find the entries too basic. -There was at least one theological issue that I found mildly concerning.


The Nitty Gritty of Restoration Year:

Seriously, this is the most beautiful devotional I own. So if you are a lover of beautiful books, Restoration Year may be a worthwhile consideration for you. The entries of the devotional generally have an encouraging, hopeful tone with a Bible verse as the central theme to build the devotional on and every entry ends with a final nugget of truth directed just to you, the reader. One of my favorite parts of the devotional style is its approachable conversational tone that makes you feel like your talking with John Eldredge himself. 

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Restoration Year's purpose is to bring you succinct devotional entries to transform and heal your life. #Restoration #RestorationYear #JohnEldredge #ChristianDevotional

There was one theological issue that I found mildly concerning, key emphasis on the word mildly. John Eldredge writes on January 14th’s entry, “I’ve fallen back to thinking that to love Jesus is to give my very best in living for him.” He talks about–in this entry and the next–how we shouldn’t try so hard in our Christian life because trying hard is falling into doing things in our own strength. I get what he means, but I think the couple of entries could have been worded better.  If he had balanced his language more carefully, the entries wouldn’t have an issue whatsoever. Again this is just a slight issue, but I thought I would mention it.

Overall, Restoration Year is an encouraging devotional that is uplifting to read and look at.

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Restoration Year's purpose is to bring you succinct devotional entries to transform and heal your life. #Restoration #RestorationYear #JohnEldredge #ChristianDevotional

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