We do not know where Sarah would be at the moment if it were not for the loving support of offerings brought our way through crowd funding. Because of the lows we have experienced, God has grown us in compassion for people in other dire circumstances. Max Andrews is one individual that stands out above the rest in our minds. He is extremely bright, caring to the broken, and has a wonderful future ahead of him. Unfortunately he has several crucial obstacles that stand in the way of achieving his opportunity to impact people at large.

ScreenShot2015-10-12at12.43.32Max has Crohn’s Disease. His illness  has been so serious that it incapacitated himself to the point of needing hospitalization for a prolonged duration. Even with this challenge, he has had the fighting spirit to pursue his dreams in Scotland to attain a Doctorate degree in Divinity. He is now in his last year of the program, yet has been facing unexpected circumstances. Finances are halting him from achieving this goal with grant funding stalled, back bills to pay, and employment issues.

11219427_999937660057609_6337707371036655785_nAlthough many of us carry debts, Max’s debts halt him from experiencing a life changing future that is so close to being finished. To add, Max will still have remaining bills after this fundraiser which will take an extended period of time to be paid in full. We both do not want to see Max’s own health down-spiral to the point where he is hindered even more from achieving his dream. You see, Max is not only in need of financial provisions with his schooling, but also with his basic needs- food being one of those essentials. Please consider helping to give, no matter how small the amount, as well as standing with him in deep prayer. We would more than love to see provisions rise above the goal mark being asked. He too had a blog website, but due to finances it had to be shut down. We would love to see this restored as it uniquely reached the culture. Please click here to aid an individual who is very in need of your assistance.


As a caveat, I would also ask for everyone reading this entry to place themselves in Max’s shoes. You are close to the finish line in achieving your goals that would propel you to a future that would be life changing not only for yourself, but many others who would be transformed from your work. Your food is cut back to a bare minimum and other basic needs are lacking. What would you do? This is why we must unite together to save a very deserving individual in need.