Irealize even though my baby is only a few months old, she needs her daily reading time to sharpen her growing brain. And since that growing baby brain of hers is like a sponge, soaking up all information available, I realize I better pay attention to what I’m placing in front of my wee one! The baby board book, Great and Small Prayers for Babies has been a great interactive book to read to my baby. She loves the illustrations that opens and closes with an easy to lift flap and basic language geared just for her age.

Who Is Great and Small Prayers for Babies for?

The description reads from ages 1 year to 3 years, but as I mentioned, my not even three-month-old loves pointing at the pictures and seeing the flap open on each page with lovable animals and their corresponding animal sounds displayed.

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The Best Parts of Great and Small Prayers for Babies

  • Since Great and Small Prayers for Babies is a board book, it has a slick, indestructible surface that can be drooled on, thrown across the room, and all kind of other baby-fied acts that would normally shred the pages of a traditional paper book.
  • The illustrations of the menagerie of animals are so stinkin’ adorable! Kids will find the endearing drawings a delight.
  • Each page of Great and Small Prayers for Babies has a flap that opens up with sounds an animal makes like “buzz” for bees and “baa” for lambs which is a great teaching tool for little ones.
  • Great and Small Prayers for Babies teaches gratefulness to God which primes young minds to hold gratitude for the ordinary gifts God has graced us with. 
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