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Okay, so I’ve been on a bit of a Bible kick lately as you can tell here with the She Reads Truth Bible, here with the CSB Study Bible, and soon the ESV Illuminated Bible.

And all I can say is the Christian publishing companies are doing a fantastic job rolling out some great Bibles for us all.

So what makes The CSB Study Bible For Women so unique from all the others? Well first, it’s supposed to be for women created by women. And on that note, it claims to be the most in-depth study Bible for women out there. I think that actually might be a fair claim.


 Helpful Comparison: The CSB Study Bible For Women for me is a blend of the beautiful She Reads Truth Bible and the CSB Study Bible. Why do I say that? Well, it’s so lovely like the She Reads Truth Bible while having helpful study Bible features like the CSB Study Bible. Now I will say, its design isn’t as thoroughly detailed like the She Reads Truth Bible or as in depth of a study Bible as the CSB Study Bible. But that makes sense, right? I mean really the sole aim of the She Reads Truth Bible is to make it so gosh darn attractive that you feel compelled to read the words of God more, but yet, it doesn’t have a study feature. And the CSB Study Bible’s main aim isn’t to look pretty but to be an in-depth study. With all of that said, let’s move to the fun part. The tour:

This is how the CSB Study Bible for women is presented. All kinds of prettiness, right? The big downside for me is that the blue jacket you see wrapped around the Bible is flimsy and my guess–meant to be disposable.

I really liked how The She Reads Truth Bible has a sturdy case to store away the Bible. Since this is a linen cloth overboard just like the She Reads Truth Bible, it’s a little more delicate. Because of that, I always stow my She Reads Truth Bible away after use to protect it from wear. It would have been nice to see the paper jacket as a case instead with the same design.

And this is how The CSB Study Bible For Women will look on a regular basis if you get the cloth overboard kind. There’s also two different leather touch versions available. A turquoise one with a similar design as the paper jacket this Bible comes with and a brown leather style.

There’s beautiful, unique features like this one in the front of the The CSB Study Bible For Women where you fill in your family details and marriage details. This just makes me think of the days of old where you once filled out those momentous occasions. I love that fact because why not place this in your Bible where the well-commemorated words of God reside?

Each book of the Bible has this beautiful illustrative graphic with the same beautiful font above a helpful description of what you’re reading as to why as a woman of faith this is an important Bible for you to read.

Throughout the text is this super helpful aid that gives you a peek at the original language and also gives you a deeper understanding as you’re studying the Bible. This feature reminds me of the CSB which we reviewed over here.

This written on my heart section in The CSB Study Bible For Women gives you a practical encouragement to live out your faith. I love this balance throughout the The CSB Study Bible For Women: the balance of giving you in-depth study material that deepens your truth of God’s word while also giving you insights as to how you can actually apply these truths with these written on the heart sections.

These charts are probably my favorite feature in this The CSB Study Bible For Women. I keep finding golden nuggets of info to continue to turn to. Like for instance, there’s a chart in the Bible that lists the qualifications of a pastor for a handy quick resource and this one that mentions the women that were with Jesus in His last moments.



I haven’t read through this commentary as much as others, partly because the print is so darn tiny for my eyes to read. But from what I can tell the CSB Bible has more in-depth content, which makes total sense because there is a team of people who worked on the CSB Bible whereas there were only two women working on The CSB Study Bible For Women. Really, I can only imagine the work these ladies put into The CSB Study Bible For Women!

I so love timelines in the Bible since it gives a good perspective of the context of the time in which you’re reading the text. This is such an important facet of reading the Bible that’s often overlooked.

First off, isn’t this little boxed section so pretty? I love these designs throughout! Okay, so onto this next feature: this feature reminds us all the more who this Bible is for women. Prominent women throughout The CSB Study Bible For Women are mentioned with descriptions of each and why they should importance to women of faith today.

Notes on important Christian doctrines are sprinkled throughout the Bible to give the reader a snippet of information.

And this is probably my second favorite feature of the Bible: the “Hard Questions.” They’re basically short little snippets describing difficult questions someone might have with the Bible. This one about the Apostle Paul is one of my favorites so far:

Overall, this is a really well executed Bible with thoughtful sections that can enrich both your Bible study and the faith that you live out. I love that they’re really emphasizing the culture of women and highlighting key features in The CSB Study Bible For Women on this so we get some in-depth insights on women throughout the Bible and how relevant the Bible should be to women today.


Now I will say that there was at least one chart in The CSB Study Bible For Women where I felt the editors’ bias from their niched beliefs in doctrine leaked through a little too much. For instance, they didn’t really represent the different eschatological perspectives (study of end times) fairly. So beware that you may have to double check some of their facts through more unbiased sites that list views more impartially.


I personally prefer a Bible’s commentary sections to list what different scholars in various camps believe and why which gives a wider audience and makes it feel less like you’re in a denominational bubble world. 

Overall, The CSB Study Bible For Women is a fantastic Bible that I believe will enrich your quiet time.

I generously received this Bible for free from B&H in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and pictures are our own.