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Our First Anniversary: Not What We Expected

I read these vows to Sarah the day we were married and on our first anniversary together. She was lying in bed with convulsions throughout the day, pain, and general misery. We tried to make the best of the bad we were in.

I played a song list from our wedding and we played one of her favorite games at the time: “Remember 1450877_687584081728_3491579924060502025_nWhen_____.” We would fill in the blank with something we remembered from our past in our relationship. And the second part of the game was “I look Forward to When_______.” She had no problem with the first part. The second portion was difficult for her. It was tough for her to think of future with unwritten memories.

It definitely wasn’t what we expected as our first anniversary. We were literally in the dark with only very dim lighting since she was so sensory sensitive. Even though it wasn’t what we expected, I plan to say these vows to her every year until one of us departs this earth.

My Vows:

Sarah my wife and my best friend

These are my vows to you for forever with no end

I promise to always seek to treat you by the meaning of your name

A princess and daughter of God I am thankful that into my life you came

I promise to love you through sickness and health

I promise to love you whether in poverty or wealth

                   I promise you, Sarah that for the rest of our lives I will put our Heavenly Father first

I promise to wash you in the Word and lead you to the Living Water when you thirst

I vow to protect you from harm whether physical or spiritual on this earth

And to be the best Father of our future children all the way from the moment of birth

I promise to lay down my life for you and sacrifice the way Christ did for the church

I promise to remind you daily of your identity in Christ and the value of your worth

I promise to build a legacy with you for the Kingdom while we live out God’s will

I promise to lead you in prayer when moments of trials and tribulations come and the Lord says to be still

If a storm comes we will be surrounded by the fortress of our Mighty Lord

No weapon formed against us will withstand the power of His protecting sword

I promise to love you inside and out and look forward to growing old together

This is my promise to you from this day on and from now to forever


 This is something I wrote to explain what I was mentally and emotionally trying to process at the time. I couldn’t give you the exact day that it was written because everything has been a blur. 

Reflections from “I DO” and on:

I saw her walk up the aisle
Our eyes locked frozen in time
Each step she took I didn’t mind
if it took a while
if that time could stand still
like the picture near my window sill
I’d dance with her again
and whisper in her ear that she’s my best friend
Why do these times always have to end?
Hit replay and watch it all over again

Well the vows were meant from his heart
Not knowing they would be tested from the very start
But he knew he had to take up his vows and do his part
she was sick on day two on their honeymoon with the flu
and other things no one else knew
God please show me what to do
Trials tend to increase communication between God and you

Where are we now? Back home
If I knew then what I’ve known…
The wisdom in which I have grown…

Her jobs wrecked her health
It was invisible in the chemicals and building materials so it came in stealth
the off-gassing of chemicals caused her health to decline
weakening her immune system while strengthening the opportunistic disease called Lyme

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