A seed scatters across the winds,
full of potential although some throw them into trash bins.
Some fall in streams carried to places unknown.
Could they have sprouted? Could they have grown?
Some were swallowed by the birds of the air.
But for this seed carrying hope inside, is this even fair?

Imagine with me the mighty oak tree I hope to be
but for now, this isn’t what I have the chance to see.
I know that I exist and that I am here.
I know I have emotions because I can shed a tear.
Will the dream sprout and take root?
Sometimes I wonder if anyone gives a hoot.
It’s there I swear but how can I prove it to you and cast my dream if you don’t care.
Is anyone there? Where? Please if it is true, do share because unaware
they vanished after they came and it lost its 15 minutes of fame.
No! This is not a game because you may not be aware but things are the same.
She’s hurting and in pain and yes with some positive gain, but my goodness where did they go when it started to rain? It’s a fade it feels and the enemy steals.
Have I unpacked how I feel like one by one as an onion peel?


The dream is still alive and I’ll thrive because The Holder of the Dream is ALIVE
He holds me together for now and forever and I breathe because He cares and grieves and never leaves even if there are changes during the season like in autumn leaves
This is real and unfinished and I hold on because I hold on to hope.
I want to see that seed grow to an oak tree with a rope to swing free;
to carry on the torch of the legacy all inside my heart yet birthed into existence.
I have His assistance when facing the mounting resistance to allow that seed to take root.

….AND just when I thought no one cared God sent someone to bring hope.

This is something I (Michael) wrote a year ago. I think we all have those times in our lives where a hope that was nestled in our hearts seems to have withered, but then God comes in and encourages us personally through a person or other means. He has not forgotten you where you are, friend We all quote the verse, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick,” yet we forget the latter part of this verse, “but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” This blog’s central message is on hope. Not the wishful think hope that is dashed all too easily, but the true hope from Christ. May the Holder of your dreams encourage you today to know that true hope still lives

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