Sometimes gifts are packaged nicely under the tree. Other times, gifts come in unexpected forms, such as the form of a poem.

When you go through trials, God has a way of bringing special people in your path to encourage you along the way. Emmanuel Daré Anthony is one of those people.  After watching our video and hearing our story from an online group that kindly shared Sarah’s story just a short year ago, Emmanuel felt compelled to write a poem as if from my perspective.

Emmanuel waited until now to give this present in words to us, just a day after our anniversary and a handful of days before Christmas. We were very touched by his words and the time he devoted to writing them as well as his intent for it to be shared with the hope of endearing more hearts towards prayer, support, and bringing glory to the One who is writing our story.  Below is the video that inspired the poem written underneath.



The Day I said “I do”

My beloved Sarah,

Your presence is a present to me,

From the day you said “yes” I knew our future was true.

My reply “I do” was my ultimate promise to you.

From our first wedding kiss to our first dance,

Your love kept me in a trance.

As our eyes locked holding one another in close rest,

I still feel my heart beating against the rib caged walls of my chest.

In awe of the bride God has bestowed upon me,

I vow to be your man of valour that you hope me to be.

In sickness and in health I will continue to hold you within the vessels of my heart.

For richer or for poorer I would continue to shine the riches of a smile that could never set us apart.

No disease will ever distance me from you.

For in Christ we are made whole and in you I am found bold.

I will never give up on us, for these testing trials are merely the foundation to our future as we wait for the settling of the dust.

Lime disease has its limits, yet the red paintbrush of love remains eternal.

Even though nights are tough, may we learn dance in the rain.

Even though tears form, may we continue to persevere past the pain.

Weeping may endure for a night, but His grace shines through your eyes in the morning.

In you I have found my priceless pearl and my perfect bride,

With you my beloved Sarah in my vow which is promised you will find me standing by your side.

By Emmanuel Daré Anthony




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Feature image of wedding: © Kati Rosado Photography