e know when you guys are stumbling on this site, you could be here for any number of reasons. Just Start Hereto give some background, this blog was formulated in my (Sarah’s) noggin in late 2014 right before my really bad health collapse. Written here, here, and here. I had this crazy surge of adrenaline (that I now know as my adrenals charging into overdrive) that allowed me to pummel through about two dozen articles specifically written for this blog. So some of them were scattered around Inkblots of Hope when I couldn’t yet write. (Then Inkblots of an Idealist.)


But some weren’t.


Some just seemed a little off to post due to my health decline. So my sweet husband, not thinking he would ever get involved in the writing process of Inkblots of Hope, started writing about our messy life in search of hope.


But he also never thought he would become my caregiver either.


As I tapered off of some of my really cognitive stealing drugs, I started to join him in some of my own updates intermittently. Believe us, we did not plan on writing about the messy details of our lives, but we were wanting to have loved ones stay informed in one place, so we created a section called Our Story.


Now we know many of you are not here for updates, We totally get that. Since we blog about everyday life matters, faith, the messy life of chronic illness, and a growing page on marriage, there may just be a section for you. 


We hope that all of our messy lives (you’re included on this one, friend!) can point in the direction of true hope.


Oh, and as a super humbling side note, you may see some  a lot of errors in this blog. I used to be the kind of girl that had to have everything perfect before executing any kind of project. But with slowly regaining my writing skills, errors abound that would make the third grade me cringe. That is the very messy way God has humbled me, someone who used to strive for accuracy, but now is humbled to find grade school errors in their writing. I really apologize, friends. When I’m feeling better, I’ll go through this blog with an editorial eye. And I will thank the good Lord above that you have endured my messy inkblots.



It can be tricky to have goals when you feel like your better days…

Our lives are arranged into a mosaic of good moments and bad. Yet those bad moments tend to cobweb our thinking into redefining

If you’re anything like me, you may think of the word serenity…

Can I confess something? I’m still puzzled about the events that have taken place in my life since I married Michael several years ago…

I distinctly remember watching a video my husband taped of me approximately…

“You know you don’t have to cry. Look on the positive side.” I don’t remember my husband, Michael’s exact words…

“You know, you’ll always be my boyfriend.” I turned to my then new fiance’…”

And would you wipe her butt if she became really sick?”

“Wait, what kind of question is that?”…

Top photo: credit to Kati Rosado Photography