Here’s a recycled article, sharing a story of a health battle I had undergone several years back. I’m hoping it will somehow resonate with my friends in the cyber world. It’s the article promised in Amnesia of a Different Sort.
How many of us have faced times in our lives when we have forgotten past events to the point where we casually dismiss how said events shaped our perspective to this point in time?

I’m speaking of the times when God has spared you from a crisis or blessed you so immensely that you knew with certainty it could only be the hand of God and not happenstance.

Have we all grown too accustomed to a different sort of amnesia, spiritual amnesia? (Eric Metaxas builds a compelling case for miracles for those who may question its existence in one of his more recent books.)

I’m reminded of the ancient Israelites who had the same condition wreak havoc upon their lives. They were reprimanded and continuously reminded of the past events that led their forefathers from the bondage of the men of Egypt to the freedom of God.(Psalm 78 gives a brief rundown.)

Their holidays, were in a sense, designed to act as a memorial of the many times God had saved them. In commemorating their memorials, they were meant to dwell on the mighty hand of God and the blessings God so lavishly bestowed upon His children. In this sense, holidays have meaning. They’re meant to remind our forgotten minds and save us from this different sort of amnesia. 

I have my own spiritual amnesia. There are times when I feel akin to the ancient Israelites. I fail to remember the times God’s hand has saved me for His own good purposes. And I forget that my life has been spared in too many ways to count. In the process, I navigate through life still worshiping God, still speaking His sweet name on my lips; yet, the fervor has been misplaced by a sense of routine and complacency. The awesome nature of God Himself should never spur about an apathetic spirit, which is why it can be a wonderful act to reminisce.

Here’s a snip-it of my own story with a heartfelt cry of my heart as to what I was facing at the moment. It is beneficial to reflect, my friends, because lessons that are learned once should always stay branded on our minds. Never forget.

“Early ’11

I have to trust that these tears were not shed in vain…The nights when I begged to be transported to heaven- they all have their purpose. Your hand, O God, still has not left me. You are still my Almighty God. You are the same yesterday, today, forever.

I have to trust you have a plan and purpose for my life. Yet the tomorrow of health seems so far away! But I also trust your Word- you listen to my call whenever I cry to You– for the prayer of the righteous availeth much. I believe you are purging me of physical illness, and along the way, the weaknesses in my character.

… I never want to forget just how immensely You love me, and how this love carries like a stone tossed into the water, affecting not just the water it was thrust upon, but the water surrounding it. Your mission on earth was to love and serve, and that’s my mission now too. In whatever capacity that entails, I want to love and serve and remember the priorities you have should be my own.

I don’t think I could ever forget the pain from this year…


I will never forget what if feels like to see everything that you once relied on suddenly vanish: independence, innate confidence, the ability to move at will.


Lord, I praise your name, thank you for the blessings you give me in my life, for all the terrible things you’ve spared me of. Thank you for your abundant love that comforts me through this broken experience.

That was a portion of a journal entry from years ago. I said I would never forget, but the memories of coming through this circumstance are in the deep recesses of my brain.

There are so many reasons to celebrate this holiday season. Holidays should have a meaning. Thanksgiving should spur a desire to reflect on the blessings instead of what is lacking. Christmas should spur us to remember the blessings of God incarnate on this earth in the form of Christ. Easter should help us to remember death coming to life in the form of Christ. The negatives we face should us help to remember where we have come from. Trauma can be replaced by a heart of thankfulness to save from another sort of amnesia.