Can a group of friends restore hope in a season of struggle? This is a look at the newest novel by Robin Jones Gunn, Becoming Us. #ChristianBook #RobinJonesGunn #BecomingUs #ChristianFiction #ChristianWomen

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Can a group of women spark hope in a time of trouble?

Why is it so difficult to make friends as an adult?

What do you do when a dream dies?

These are all central themes surrounding Robin Jones Gunn’s Becoming Us, the first installment in a new series called Haven Makers set for release this May of 2019.

Who is Becoming Us intended for?

Becoming Us is intended for wives and mothers who have a Christian background. Also, women who have an interest in the central topics: Christian community, infertility, Christian family, struggles with parents as an adult, financial hardship, and anyone who has been a follower of Gunn’s earlier works the Christy Miller Series and Sierra Jensen Series as both play supporting roles in Becoming Us.


What I really liked about Becoming Us by Robin Jones Gunn:

-The novel dealt with real-life issues in an uncliched manner. You know how some Christian fiction books make everything work out for their characters to where it feels unrealistic to life? This book doesn’t do that. The main character, Emily and her husband both have long-held dreams that they had to let go of, yet you could still see God working through their losses.


-The novel touched on the difficulties of developing friendships as an adult and feeling a sense of loss when transplanted to a different geographical location. Emily has to re-learn how to make new friends after moving from North Carolina to Southern California.

I think this is an important topic that may be a struggle for a lot of Christian women, but not many are writing on it. I’m glad that Robin Jones Gunn touches on such a vulnerable topic.


-Robin Jones Gunn has always been skilled at creating real-to-life characters who you feel like you know personally. Becoming Us is no exception.

Areas of critique in Becoming Us

-The book isn’t paced as well as some of Robin Jones Gunn’s previous novels. You know how in a lot of fiction work, there’s a hanging point in the plot at the end of the chapter that makes you want to turn the page and devour the next chapter to see what’s coming next? Becoming Us is missing that key element so it can feel like more of an effort to read the next several chapters.


-I didn’t like how the message of forgiveness/relating to a person who is broken and hurts others was handled. Tess, a character in Becoming Us, mentions how her mom is an emotionally broken person who hurts others and related to this as someone who is in a wheelchair.

Basically, this analogy says: the mom can’t help her emotional condition just like a physically hurt person cannot help their fragile frame that placed them in a wheelchair.

I would say as someone who has had to be in a wheelchair over the past several years that this is untrue.

Biblically, this is also untrue. From what the Bible says, you are responsible for how you treat others. If you are malicious towards others, it’s a sin. If you’ve been hurt and this is shaping how you treat others, it is your responsibility to seek counsel and change your behavior.

From a physical standpoint, it is not a sin to be in a wheelchair and many times, there may not even be a way the physical condition can be fixed.


Overall, Robin Jones Gunn’s Becoming Us is a thoughtful read that will appeal to Christian wives and mothers who like character-driven stories.

Can a group of friends restore hope in a season of struggle? This is a look at the newest novel by Robin Jones Gunn, Becoming Us. #ChristianBook #RobinJonesGunn #BecomingUs #ChristianFiction #ChristianWomen

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from Multnomah Publishing. All opinions are my own.