The thought never crossed our minds when we first conceived this blog to have a section for “our story.” A few articles here and there about our wedding and how we met? Sure. But never to this scope. But unexpected events happened and well…Here is our story, the beautiful, the bittersweet, and the words we have yet to form.

A Wedding Story

How I Met the Mr.

The Story Before the Story- Before November

How I Lost My Man Card

When the Pain Would Be Worth It

Sarah’s Diary Entry

Why I Even Wanted to Create this Blog Site

Why We Celebrate the Day We Met

Vows & Reflections

The Strange Dichotomy Between How I Look & What I Feel

Inkblots from the Husband

The Story of My Best of Times & Worst of Times

Experiencing God as Author

A Gift in the Form of a Poem

The Oak Tree Revisited