My Boxing Gloves With This Battle Song


I keep pushing hard in the ring I’m fighting till my last breath.

The nightmares I face are a disgrace while my hearts in a race in depth.

You see I see the suffering before me and the pain she endures is my enemy.

Life flipped 180 from the goals and dreams and it seems

we’ve been given the precious ring to drop in mount mordor.

No boundaries and no borders; chaos crept in destroying order.

Countless nights screamin’ and crying from the pain,

though we celebrate the positive gain.

Clouds grey but we pray sometimes not knowing what to say.

Today is the day- He’s here though we don’t always feel Him present.

It’s tempting to think that this is unfair and even to question the “present.”

Nothing new under the sun though it seems at times

evil seems to run the show but we know that the things he’ll sow

doubts of promises and “Did God really say?”

Not only did He really say but He backed it up with a huge price to pay.

So I thank God for the truth that penetrates me through the fog.

The sky clears and I see the newness of day as He rescues me from the bog.

Renewed to battle another day putting my boxing gloves on with His battle’s song.


Even through I wrote this through the lens of our life, I hope it can still be applicable to

someone else out there.