I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. This post also contains affiliates, but I only do affiliates through companies I trust and would recommend to you guys. 

We had the privilege of trying one of the hot new trends in health: CBD hemp oil from  Liberty Lixir. As some background info, we used CBD hemp oil in the past from other companies, so we were expecting our results to be comparable to our past experiences or even lacking from our past experiences since we were pretty confident that we were purchasing the highest echelon of hemp oil.

The Initial Take:

When we saw the bottle of Liberty Lixir CBD hemp oil, we noticed the consistency of the oil was clear which was different from our past experiences of trying hemp oil with a distinctly rich, brownish green hue. I assumed this meant that Liberty Lixir itself wouldn’t be as potent, so as I dropped my initial dosage under my tongue, I didn’t anticipate much of an effect- especially since the formula was tasteless. (I found out later that Liberty Lixir goes into the reason why their product is colorless here.) What I found, however, was that the product did work. In fact, I noticed the potency was stronger than what I had experienced in the past with CBD hemp oil. My husband, Michael examined the packaging and noticed the measurement of milligrams used was a higher dosage than what we had in our past products (1,000 mg).


What We Found:

As mentioned, Liberty Lixir did in fact help. After about 30 minutes of consumption, we both noticed a calming sensation which then followed with decreased pain. Here’s a quick look at what it helped with, what it didn’t, and what the verdict is still out with.

Liberty Lixir made a noticeable difference with: depression, anxiety, nerve pain. muscle pain, general inflammation, muscle spasms, and chronic headaches.

What the jury is still out with: I couldn’t tell if the product helped my tic-ing, ataxia, and other neuro manifestations and I didn’t notice a positive difference in my sleeping patterns.

Pros: Liberty Lixir is a product that works, it has roughly 150 servings per bottle so even with the cost, it can be made to last for over two months if you use two pumps daily. Also, if you order through our link on this page, you get an extra 10% off your purchase.

Cons: Whereas most CBD hemp oils are in a glass bottle, this is in plastic. (EDIT: I received an email from the company stating that they now offer glass bottles for this product.)


Final Thoughts:

Obviously, results will vary depending on your body, but the above is what I found to be true. I still had my tic-ing issues and other neuro manifestations, but the product did help alleviate nerve and muscular pain, as well as giving both my husband and myself a general improvement in mood and overall sense of wellbeing. Did this product take away our chronic pain completely? No, but the alleviation of pain we experienced was still noticeable enough for the product to be worthwhile to us. I was more than happy that my initial thoughts were wrong about the product’s effectiveness and would love to continue using this product in the future.

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