And would you wipe her butt if she became really sick?”

“Wait, what kind of question is that?” I can almost picture my husband’s quizzical expression. After a moment of thought he finished with, “Yes, if it came down to it, I would….”

You know, you’ll always be my boyfriend.” I turned to my then new fiance’ to say those words, then looked into his face to see the look of repulsion etched on his face as if I just called him “terd-face.”“But I don’t want to be your boyfriend.

“But I don’t want to be your boyfriend….

You may be reading this and thinking, what do we do about millennials rejecting marriage? Clearly, complaining seems to be our default (I’m not immune myself), but in backlash, just like other generations before us, an entire generation will walk away.

I didn’t deserve it. The pretty, pale pink bouquets lined together with equally pretty bridesmaids holding the tapestry of….

September 23rd. It’s just a day on the calendar to most, and quite honestly, it could have been for us as well. I mean, it’s not our wedding anniversary…

We thought we would bring to you some quotes on one of our favorite subjects: Love & Marriage…

If your main issue is not being able to tap into unresolved issues, then tension will linger, and so will that unspeakable barrier of words, or actually,a lack of words will remain.

With so many great quotes on the subject, we decided to continue with a part two…