6 Things Not to Say to Someone Who is Chronically Ill


As with many of the posts, this was written in Fall ’14 by Sarah prior to her further down-spiral in health. She wrote it an attempt to educate the public on how to empathetically handle those who fight chronic illness and to provide comfort for those who face it themselves. -Michael (Sarah’s husband)…

8 Hope Filled Life Hacks From the Elderly

8 Things to Learn From Those in Their Golden Years

I have heard my fair share of advice on the most preferable stool softeners on the market, or the fights over whether or not Frank Sinatra was handsome enough to be screamed at and drooled over by the young female populous of the time.

Our Top 11 Christmas Songs

Okay, so we watched a cheesy Hallmark film about Christmas, it’s been admitted. Even though we are Floridians who look out the window to see a gust of wind flutter the palm trees instead of a gust of wind ushering a sharp cold wind inviting one to layer in clothing that would almost match Michelin Man, we still want to feel Christmas-ey…

Amnesia of a Different Sort

Pensive. Pensive is the word I would describe the last month. The warm scents of cinnamon and vanilla mingling together with the smiles of merriment that ease the tension normally accompanied by the many days preceding this favorite time of year seemed so far away….

Redefining Strength When Battling Chronic Illness


When you battle chronic illness, strength can take on a different form. The meaning to me no longer connotes  a Xena or Hercules statuesque frame. Throw  out the nunchucks, throwing stars, and pointy javelins. …

Making Fun of My Illness

There’s so many serious moments in life, especially when battling chronic illness. These past few years have seen more tears from me than my whole years prior combined. But I also know you don’t have to be out of your trial to experience joy. You are allowed to laugh during the rain pour. You are allowed to make fun of your illness. Hopefully those who are…

A Letter to the Person With Chronic Illness

To My Dear Friend Facing Chronic Illness: I’ve seen you coming out from the doctor’s office. You come back soon after with orange cylindrical bottles that have newly hit the market, promising change. Or you have your armful of supplements lined up neatly on the counter. You only wish your body had such order….

7 Things I Wish I Had Known In College

It’s almost school time. Dorm decor is hitting the Bed, Bath, & Beyond circulars, mini fridges are being shoved onto the back of a truck in preparation of fitting its tiny structure into another tiny structure- the dorm room. I can’t pretend I know everything about college, but I have been asked multiple times for advice on what I leaned after college that I can pass along. This would mean sharing my mistakes….

Rethinking Our Thinking: You’re Not Your Bad Days

Our lives are arranged into a mosaic of good moments and bad. Yet those bad moments tend to cobweb our thinking into redefining an entire situation as utterly detestable. The days where I am literally crying out…

When Your Goals Seem Out of Reach Because of Your Struggles: How Do You Dream for Tomorrow?

The piping hot coffee coupled with the fragrant aroma of freshly baked cookies was presented in front of the men and women I was positioned in front of. Their wrinkled faces peered at me, waiting for me to speak on the topic at hand: New Year’s Resolutions. As I talked, they munched and sipped…