The Strange Dichotomy Between How I Look & What I Feel

I distinctly remember watching a video my husband taped of me approximately ten months ago. My mannerisms seemed poised, my speech resonated in an even pleasant tone, my thoughts appeared collected.But how could this be? I thought to myself, how in the world…

Why I Even Wanted to Create This Blog

Why would I create this site in the first place? To every execution of a project, there must be a “why.” Instead of bullet points that could look like a line of ants trailing on the page because there are so many reasons, I will cut to the chase. I was browsing the web a couple of years back, only looking for medical journal….

A Letter to the Person With Chronic Illness

To My Dear Friend Facing Chronic Illness: I’ve seen you coming out from the doctor’s office. You come back soon after with orange cylindrical bottles that have newly hit the market, promising change. Or you have your armful of supplements lined up neatly on the counter….

Making Fun of My Illness

There’s so many serious moments in life, especially when battling chronic illness. These past few years have seen more tears from me than my whole years prior combined. But I also know you don’t have to be out of your trial to experience joy. You are allowed to laugh during the rain pour. You are allowed…

6 Things NOT to Say to Someone With Chronic Illness

1. “Oh, I’ve had something like that before, you’ll be fine.” So many times, there can be shared symptoms with individuals fighting health crises. It’s easy to jump to conclusions, presuming the outcome will be the same. Even with people who have similar conditions I have, I try to be careful not to equate my health condition as the exact…

Yearning For Miracles

Have I left you yet? Then the other words return as a whisper, just wait expectantly.The problems are so weighty. Ones we never thought we would experience. I want the parting of the sea. The waters to turbulently gush to my side left and right, fish flopping on dry ground as I pass to a land of promise…

What You Need to Know About Healing

Christian healing is one of my favorite topics and one of my least favorite. When I see a book under the  Christian category with the subject matter of healing, I become hesitant. Will this book I’m picking up tell me I will be guaranteed healing if I do x,y,z? Or will this book dismantle any factor of healing because…

You’re Not Your Bad Days

Our lives are arranged into a mosaic of good moments and bad. Yet those bad moments tend to cobweb our thinking into redefining an entire situation as utterly detestable. The days where I am literally crying out in pain seem to muddle my thinking and can eventually lead to…

Spiritual Amnesia

How many of us have faced times in our lives when we have forgotten past events to the point where we casually dismiss how said events shaped our perspective to this point in time? I’m speaking of the times when God has spared you from a crisis or blessed you so immensely that you knew with certainty it could only be the hand of God and not happenstance. Have we all grown…

What to Do When You Can’t Write Because of Brain Fog

Brain Fog. It’s the nebulous foe of anyone with a chronic illness who enjoys writing…or you know, thinking. You stare at the screen, but the cursor just seems to blink repetitiously among a blank sea of nothingness. Meanwhile, your brain feels like…

10 Faith Filled Books for the Chronically Ill

When you’re in the deepest of trenches, sometimes you just need the right book to offer itself in your life and commiserate with you. Enter in our list of books of Faith Filled Books for the Chronically Ill

When My Invisible Illness Became Visible

I was posed this simple yet thought provoking question from my husband the other day. “What do you think is worse- having an invisible illness or visible?” The question took my aback….

A Letter to the Caregiver

Caregiving is a job that occurs hourly and doesn’t ask you if you want a predictable break for coffee, a breather, and the refreshment of alone time….

Why Pain Pills Are Sometimes Necessary: Especially if You Hate Them

If you hate pain pills, but feel you need them, then you are the exact person they were created for in the first place….