Most of Sarah’s writings I will be posting were written in a season where Sarah was more capable of writing. It was a short season. A season I prayed for because it was so hard to see Sarah try to muster up enough energy just to do simple unenjoyable tasks, then painfully collapse on the bed or couch. I wanted her to have a season of hope even when her body was broken. I wanted her to thrive doing what she enjoys the most: helping people and writing.


There were many who knew Sarah was facing health issues. At the same time, they did not know the extent to which she was facing them until she

Credit to Kati Rosado Photography

Credit to Kati Rosado Photography

began having hourly seizures, continual tics, periods of time where she would go non-responsive for over an hour, loss of mobility which placed her in a wheelchair….the list could go on. This happened just days before Thanksgiving. With all the events taking place, I’m thankful that I still have my wife.


I just wanted to drop a note on the site to let everyone know that most of what is being placed on the site was written in that season of time I prayed for. So many people had been encouraging Sarah for years to take up blogging. Even one of her doctors made a mention.


The “about” section and “behind the name” were already pre-planned from the season I mentioned. What wasn’t pre-planned was her continual down-spiral in health. I heard her apologize at least a dozen times a day when these events were first occurring. She felt so bad that people had to care for her. I even heard Sarah saying “I’m sorry” in her sleep!

I’ve been there since as her caregiver, taking her to appointments, making food for her and other routine tasks, tending to her when she has had her many flair ups, and doing humbling tasks I won’t write about on here. It’s been the toughest job I’ve had, but also the most rewarding. It refortified within me something I believed somewhere between the time Christ saved me and before my “I do’s” to my bride. That belief was this: my wife is my main ministry.


I love seeing the growth in her each month through the prayers people have prayed over her, the outpouring of love offerings so she can get the medical attention she needs, and the smile that rises to her face from the simple things in life that most take for granted. Each month she progresses in health, which gives me joy. I know there will be a day when she is able to take this blog on herself full throttle, and pour into the lives of others which always gives her joy.

 – Michael 

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