Note: Sarah originally was trying to persuade me into reading a book mainly meant for women. She swore to me this163523_641822242088_1404673011_n was not just a book for females…though they need to change the covers of some of these said books otherwise men will never be caught dead with them. What she wrote last fall was cute. Wow, I just said cute. Lost another man card. Ever since I’ve been in a relationship with Sarah I’ve said the word “cute.” I guess that’s what happens when your best friend is a female. 😉

Chick Lit?

First of all, a part of me hates the term chick-lit. Why? After awhile, the term begins to become a murky generalization to deem any book written by a woman as “chick-lit.” Even still, some define chick-lit as books that are intended for the female audience. Others view chick-lit as those lighter reads that can easily be read in a day (think of a book version of some of the Hallmark flicks that you throw in your beach tote). See what I mean? The definition of chick-lit becomes M-U-R-K-Y.


For the purposes of this post, I’m going to throw away the connotation that screams all women authors are chick-lit writers, and instead, use the term as a focus on the books that are generally published for the female minds.


Intended For Doesn’t Mean Only For

I guess the question becomes, why in the world would I even want my husband to read a book intended for women? Well, intended for doesn’t mean only for. When I read the book “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers, I saw the beautiful parallel of a prostitute running back to her old life, purchased by a man who was marked by a life of purity, and how this relates to our own story as someone lost in this world. It’s always good to be reminded of God wooing His harlot of a bride so we appreciate the price He paid for our salvation out of deprivation.


man-161135_1280Yeah, the cover has a woman wearing a scarlet dress, and screams, “if you have any testosterone whatsoever, don’t pick me up!” I knew at the time my husband (then boyfriend) needed to be reminded of God’s unfailing love and devotion to those calling for a purpose, searching for identity, and life out of the hell we’ve constructed. (Don’t we all need this?)

So I wrapped the girly cover with a paper bag I cut to fit its covering, taped it to the insides of the book, and decorated the new covering in a manly fashion that I’m sure was so testosterone induced that even Chuck Norris would have given his approval. I mean, this thing could sprout chest hair if I watered it!The cover was marked with Crayola emblazoned flames with the new title, “The Manly Art of Metal Welding.” No one had to be the wiser that this was a woman’s book. Well, except for the man reading the book…


A Man Finds Truth in an Estrogen Dominated Market

I had my sales pitch prepared, highlighting every main bullet point as to why he should read the book. One of them was a tad weak as an argument, “Well, Michael, you gotta read this book because the main characters’ names are Michael and Sarah. You know how my nickname is Angel? Well the main character of the book has the nickname Angel, but well….that’s her um…prostitute name.” Okay yeah, bad argument, but he fell for the pitch and read the book. And the verdict was…(drum-roll beat inserted here) he actually loved the book!So much so that after all these years, he still talks about the book, desires to re-read it, and secretly (or not so secretly now) has it on his list of favorite books.

Thankfully, not all chick-lit is light on the impact it can give you through a transformative story and deep enriching life changing truths. Michael has now been converted to a fan of chick-lit (can we PLEASE come up with a better phrase?) and has now completed several Francine River books and other books dominated by the estrogen market. We need to learn from other cultures. Sometimes that culture is as opposite to us as our very gender.