Faith- it’s not meant to be a blind leap towards God. It’s also not a separate category of our life, stowed away on a shelf meant for weekends only. This is a spot where we place our devotional-type articles for easy reference.

Walking with God in Mordor

There was a common purpose in the lives of the members of the LOTR fellowship: to slay the evil monstrosity tied with the ring and to subsequently further good with its destruction. They faced challenges along the way. Pain seemed so much closer than pleasure. Darkness seemed to blanket the light… Categories: pain, struggling, hope

Movin’ From One Year to the Next Without Regrets

We often carry those pressing regrets that crush us either under silent shame or the out-spewing of verbalized complaints, noting  our “if only’s” and “what could have been’s” that had the potential to alter our past, swiftly alleviating our regrets of the present… Categories: regrets, past, future, determination

When the Promised Land Isn’t Heaven

Have You Ever…? Have you ever caught yourself saying those few little detrimental words disguised as hope….Categories, hope, heaven, perfection, life

Yearning For Miracles

Have I left you yet? Then the other words return as a whisper, just wait expectantly.The problems are so weighty. Ones we never thought we would experience. I want the parting of the sea. The waters to turbulently gush to my side left and right, fish flopping on dry ground…Categories: Miracles, Our Story

The Love So Deep

Visible monuments of love can easily be googled and gazed at in the form of images and corresponding calculations.We were both waking up with tea in hand when the topic of underwater exploration and mountains somehow arose. The question soon came:  what is the tallest peak in the world and could the deepest part of the ocean cover it? And Google said:

Take Heart

The world is bombarded with information and as the saying goes “knowledge is power” but what kind of power? Words do have power. … Categories: Identity, Courage, Overcoming Fear

Does God Want to Be a Kill-joy?

Many of us default to perceiving God as a Divine Master of the Skies surfing clouds in search of the next soul to extract joy from. But does God have a magic straw, stronger than those Slurpee Straws at 7-11 that intentionally sucks up any happiness we may have? How do we view God when bad things happen? When everything crumbles, what does that mean about His character?… Categories: struggles, faith, questioning

Why Did God Put Me on This Mission?

It was one of those Floridian days that felt like a tropical paradise beckoned you in your very backyard. The breeze was lightly flowing, causing the palm frawns to flutter in the trees, while the glowing sun’s rays were pleasantly diffused by the foliage surrounding us… Categories: darkness, light, mission, endurance, steadfastness, history

Spiritual Amnesia

How many of us have faced times in our lives when we have forgotten past events to the point where we casually dismiss how said events shaped our perspective to this point in time? I’m speaking of the times when God has spared you from a crises or blessed you so immensely that you knew with certainty it could only be the hand of God and not happenstance. Categories: faith, struggles, health

Is There Ever a Purpose For Sin? Pt. 1

Living in a world fettered by sin, we have all fallen short of God’s glory, and we have all disobeyed God by feeding our fleshly desires. But is there a purpose for this- is there a purpose for the pain someone else’s sin has inflicted upon us? Is there a grander purpose for the sin we have committed ourselves?…

Is There Ever a Purpose for Sin pt. 2: David’s Story

We all know the story. Instead of going out to battle as kings were meant to, (1 Samuel 11:1) King David refrained from the battleground to stay in Jerusalem. A bathing beauty captured his eyes, and instead of squelching his flesh, he succumbed to it and allowed lust to drink away at his soul. He had to have this woman. The thoughts…

Jesus: Success Redefined

I was talking with someone on the phone a couple years back about the feeling of purposelessness that’s linked with chronic illness. They too, had a health condition that greatly restricted their livelihood, yet I couldn’t help but hear a positive lilt to their voice which could have only been present…

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

I looked out the car window as palm tree lined medians became a blur matching my own blurred thoughts. I then looked at my husband, Michael, who was driving when the words came, “My mind feels so numb that I just don’t know what to pray anymore.”

The Light of Messy Hope

We didn’t know when we first created “Inkblots” that my health would demand my body to stay in a pitch-black room or else intense neuro issues would strike. We were literally and figuratively in the dark…

Using the Serenity Prayer in Our Everyday Life

If you’re anything like me, you may think of the word serenity and immediately remember Frank Costanza, George Costanza’s zany father from Seinfeld going through a fictional self-help material based on the very real faddish trend…

A Simulation of Pain: You’re Not Alone in Your Suffering

I had never wanted a phrase almost devoid of meaning to resurrect itself more than in this season of my life…