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Sarah Chardavoyne is the one posting the majority of the articles around here, whether it is about faith, relationships, creative recipe ideas, health/environmental issues, and the like. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. With diploma in hand, she had the surest hopes of continuing on to graduate school in Psychology or Counseling. But life changed. Circumstances de-railed her. She had the highest of ambitions, but poor health landed on her like a sumo wrestler gutting her to the ground. She’s fluctuated from bedridden status to a more vibrant state of health, then back to poor health again. She has had doctors say work is not an option right now. But that is why she is here.


She had the time to “inkblot” for a short season last year. Her hope is to encourage, help others grow in any way possible, and to bring a smile to peoples’ faces because it would bring a smile to her own. She has a husband who adores her and she mutually adores him: for his zeal for God, people and life, loving devotion, and his never ending fight to restore her health and reach her goals.


Her life is still young, but her course of years is unknown. Will she be able to hold down a job again? Only God knows. But she knows she can count on God, even when idealism does not seem like a possibility.

Credit to Kati Rosado Photography

Credit to Kati Rosado Photography


In November of ‘14, her health became more visible through outward manifestations in the form of hourly convulsions, continual motor and vocal ticks, involuntary eye rolling, and an inability to walk more than few feet without her knees buckling and collapsing. She is on the road to recovery through various health interventions made possible through loving support. You can read about her story through various media outlets: Florida Today , Washington Times , Finding Our Feet , Lifestyle Homes , Sententias , Orlando Sentinel , Kati Rosado Photography , Equipped pgs. 4-5 


Sarah looks forward to seeing you in future posts. Feel free to comment so she can feel as if, in a way, she can share conversation with you with your own inkblots. paint-splatter-312092_1280            


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